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Sierra Products News Alert – EasyFire™ Pellet Heaters receives EPA 2020 Emission Certification!

Pellet 5001B1-GPellet 5001B1-G
Pellet 4001B1-N InsertPellet 4001B1-N Insert
Pellet 3801B1-GPellet 3801B1-G
EF 5001B1-UEF 5001B1-U
Video of the EasyFire EF5001C Pellet HeaterVideo of the EF5001C

Digital Pellet Technology & Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

EasyFire™ pellet heaters combine state of the art technology with a renewable, environment friendly fuel source. Pellets formed of recycled wood are fed into the heater and burned, offering the warmth and ambience of a wood burning stove. The digital control system constantly monitors the EasyFire™'s performance and maintains an incredibly clean burning 0.84 gr/hr burn rate (As tested EPA New Source Performance 2016). The result is even heat with minimum fuel and electric power consumption. These features are combined exclusively by the EasyFire™ Pellet Heater.

EasyFire™ AutoLite

EasyFire™ has engineered the total solution by combining DC Drive Technology with Autolite Ease. The AutoLite system will start and stop based on wall or remote thermostat settings. AutoLite system utilizing standard AC power and an industrial style element will start the pellets burning in the burn pot then switch operation to the digital control system. This allows for battery back up operation of the stove if the house AC power fails. If the power fails and the stove is not in operation, it is a simple matter of hand lighting the stove and running on DC battery power (12V DC battery must be connected).

DC Drive - Battery Backup Capable

An exclusive EasyFire™ feature is the DC electric operating system which allows battery back up protection. With the optional 12V battery connected and AC house power goes off your EasyFire™ heater will continue to heat for hours or days*. When AC power is restored the EasyFire™ heater will automatically recharge the battery. (* Based on battery type and size used)

Design Engineered Advantages

Additional design features include a feed disk system designed to prevent clogging, pellet surges, and an easy to maintain heat exchange system which reduces cleaning time. The EF4001 insert is designed for installation in today's small factory built fireplaces.

Operation Ease

A simplified control system allows you to set a temperature range for hours of comfortable steady heat without the fuss of adjusting levers or continuously feeding the fire. With the 12V DC battery connected you never need to worry about power failures and losing heat. Your EasyFire™ Heater will automatically switch to battery power in the event of an electrical power outage and will charge the battery with the power returns. Our Autolite system adds to the standard features by automatically starting the stove based on thermostat setting. You can even add a remote control thermostat and place it were you are most comfortable. Ease of operation, simple maintenance, low fuel cost make the EasyFire™ the energy and environment friendly heater for the new millennium.


EF5001U- Utility HeaterEF5001B1-U
EF4001 InsertEF4001B1 Insert
Dimensions inside fireplace cavity 18:87" high x 20" wide x 10.12" inside cavity
Minimum Fireplace opening required 19" high x 21" wide x 13" deep
Size of Shroud (surround)
to cover fireplace opening
40" wide height adjusts from 25-32"
Hopper Capacity Adjusts from 38 to 54 pounds pellet fuel
Weight 125 lbs
Exhaust Vent 3" diameter
Combustion Air Vent 2" diameter
Model 3801B1 4001B1 5001B1 5001B1U
Feed Rate Max. 4.43 lbs 4.43 lbs 5.36 lbs 5.36 lbs
Feed Rate Min. 1.0 lbs 1.0 lbs 1.3 lbs 1.3 lbs
Hopper Size 50 lbs 36-50 lbs 62 lbs 128 lbs
Max. Burn Rate BTU 38,600 38,600 46,700 46,700
Combustion Efficiency 94% - 1.9gr/hr 94% - 1.9gr/hr 94% - 1.9gr/hr 94% - 1.9gr/hr
Heat Exchange Efficiency 78.5%(High) 78.5%(High) 78.5%(High) 78.5%(High)
Heating Capacity 1000-1600* 1000-1600* 1200-2000* 1200-2000*
Power Consumption 12V DC 2.25 amps 2.25 amps 2.25 amps 2.25 amps
Power Consumption - 120V AC Ignitor - 120V AC 27 watts
230 watts
27 watts
230 watts
27 watts
230 watts
27 watts
230 watts
Energy Cost per Month Fan and Feed System $1.90 $1.90 $1.90 $1.90

* Actual heat output and space heated is determined by: climate, home construction, and type of pellet. Check with your dealer for further information.

EasyFire™ Specifications