Shenandoah R65 Coal Heater

  • Shenandoah R65 Coal Burning Heater
    R65 Coal Burning Heater

Shenandoah Shop Heaters have a long history in barns, workshops, and workspace heaters. The R65 Coal utilizes a unique bi-metal heat adjusting damper self regulates maintaining a greater than 30 to 1 air fuel ratio simple cleaning.

Maintenance is a snap with most units providing ash pans for easy ash removal and minimum tools required to remove most interior parts for cleaning or replacement. Thoughtful design throughout has provided a stove that is easy to install, operate, and maintain. Sierra Stoves is a name to remember!

R65 Coal Burning Heater

Unique wood heating concept for home, farm, or shop. The Shenandoah R65 provides the flexibility of multiple fuels in a single unit. Heater features heavy gauge metal construction and Bi-metal thermostat which automatically controls heat output. Large loading door enable easy loading and refractory lining enhances even burning and heat retention. Ash removal is accomplished by shaker grate for sifting and large ash pan. The R65 dual fuel heater operates on 50 lbs of coal.

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